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I’m glad these guys are back, man. As an avid (okay, obsessive) listener of Gulag Orkestar, the first thing I immediately noticed when listening to Beirut’s The Flying Club Cup was the change in Zach Condon’s voice. It’s dropped a little and sounds a bit more mature as does the instrumentation; it’s lost a little of the whimsical, traipsing-around-some-country-while tipsy feeling but has gained a little more depth. This album has less of the blaring horns that characterized their last full-length album and also seems a lot less epic but still evokes a traveling sensation because the sound is so uncommon for most indie bands these days. And not uncommon in a weird, quirky way. Uncommon as far as American independent sound goes. I’d comfortably put Beirut in the same category as M.I.A. as a fellow genre-bender that expands to make their music include more influences than what is only found in the United States.

The album art and the title of the album itself are certainly dreamy. That said, this album isn’t as instantly addictive as the last but it is still good if you can do something I’m obviously incapable of doing: listening without comparison. The album drops next Tuesday on October 9th. Here are a couple of my favorite tracks of the album: a sweet, swelling instrumental and a jaunty tune with good percussion and silky horns.

La Banlieu – Beirut

Nantes – Beirut


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