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Les Savy Fav For The Win.


Rome (Written Upside Down) was flawless and Inches was coarse (does that count as an “album” since it was singles?). I’ll admit that I haven’t heard the album in its entirety yet, but I have heard Les Savy Fav’s other ventures and feel completely comfortable endorsing their latest album based on the two songs I’ve heard.

I’m just going to drop two songs like they were dropped on me: extremely casually. “The Equestrian” is classic (can I say that?) Les Savy fav sound. Crunchy guitars, scream-singy vocals, persistant snares and crashing cymbals. I played “What Would Wolves Do” maybe four times in a row after finding it. It’s very whimsical and sweet, nothing I would ever expect from these guys but definitely likeable. It borders on being too sickening but I like the chance they took and I love the loop. They even put in some handclaps (or something similar) but had the sense to keep them buried beneath the sugary production. Plus, I love the howling. It’s cute.

The Equestrian – Les Savy Fav

What Would Wolves Do – Les Savy Fav


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