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Devendra Wants To Be A Seahorse

darling devendra

I like this weirdo, man. His music reminds me of a daydream that fuzzes in and out of focus. I don’t remember how I got a copy of his E.P. but I never thought of the guy again until Cripple Crow came across my desk at the radio station. The complimentary postcard of him sitting nearly hidden in the midst of some jungle gypsy club meeting. I remember putting a song of his on a mix I listened to in the car with one of my friends and how he laughed at how much of a hippie the guy sounded like. Regardless, on that album I think he pulled off a smoky, psychedelic sound on some songs that I loved.

 I haven’t heard any of Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyonbesides “Seahorse.” It’s great. Admittedly, the first minute or so is too twangy for me. Plus, it’s boring. The magic happens when the piano and horn come sneaking in the track and it turns into this jazzy little number. My favorite part is the spooky, funhouse echo of vocals.

Seahorse – Devendra Banhart


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