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The Crates Are Calling…

The streets of Berkeley are good for so many things. I find all kinds of delights on simple walks: books, clothes, dusty photo albums, furniture, appliances. I’m not saying I need all these things, I’m saying they’re there. Up on Telegraph across from my local record store, Amoeba, there were books and records being sold for a quarter. Here are a few I picked up…and some treats.

1.stevie 2.santana 

3.doors 4. Kane

5.Issac Hayes 6. Curtis 

7. James 8. B.B. 


 1. Innervisions (1973) -Stevie Wonder [tracklist]

Higher Ground

Living For The City

2. Amigos (1976) – Santana [tracklist]

3. The Doors (1967) – The Doors [tracklist]

Break On Through (To The Other Side) 

Light My Fire

4. Long Live the Kane (1987) – Big Daddy Kane [tracklist]

5. The Isaac Hayes Movement (1970) – Isaac Hayes [tracklist]

6. Superfly (1972) – Curtis Mayfield [tracklist]


Freddie’s Dead

7. Sho Is Funky Down Here (1971) – James Brown [tracklist]

8. Guess Who (1972) – B.B. King [tracklist]


About Etta Strange

Writer, obsessive audiophile, secret bedroom DJ, local daydreamer with more books than shelf space. I'm stockpiling for the inevitable drought. Let's collaborate.

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