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Let Me Ask You A Question: Soul/Jazz/Hip Hop Edition


Art is typically considered a declaration, a statement. Song titles are generally definite, absolute, concrete. But, what happens when the sounds and tones tossed into the vortex don’t have anything to etch into stone, but instead questions to ask?

Sometimes it can add a bit of vulnerability. You could be as indecisive as Horace Silver. Sometimes it can present a challenge to the listener. Is Sly talking to you when he asks if you’re ready? Does Nina Simone move you?

Leaving room for a mind to wander through its own maze can be powerful.

Where Do I Go From Here? – Horace Silver

Essaywhuman?!!!?! – The Roots

Do I Move You? – Nina Simone

Do You Dig It, Man? – Kashmere Stage Band

Understand? – Deda/Pete Rock

Are You Ready? – Sly and the Family Stone


About Etta Strange

Writer, obsessive audiophile, secret bedroom DJ, local daydreamer with more books than shelf space. I'm stockpiling for the inevitable drought. Let's collaborate.

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