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Little Brother Is Breaking My Heart


Breaking My Heart – Little Brother

I love Little Brother. I do. They fell into my lap when I worked at a radio station and I’ve felt comfortable supporting their efforts, sharing their material and being a fan. I really liked their last release with Mick Boogie a lot. I played that ish out in anticipation of Get Back which was supposed to have been released on the 25th of last month.

The first single off of the album, “Good Clothes”, has been getting radio play (out here in the Bay, at least) and is generally well-received by Little Brother fans.  I hated the song. I feel like Phonte and Pooh have always prided themselves on their lyrical content being intelligent enough not to make tracks that resemble mainstream hip hop in referencing money, cars, bling, hoes or clothes. I mean, these men had an album called The Minstrel Show. That’s more than an artistic statement, it’s a political one as well. Especially considering the current state of hip hop and its supporters, haters and those still on the fence about what LB refers to as modern day shucking and jiving. I’m not so dense that I can’t understand the point of the song: they made it. They have their good clothes on. I get it. It still disappointed me.

“Breaking My Heart” is the second single and features the gremlin everyone loves to hate and hates to love, Lil Wayne. It’s amazing how much swag intrigues people. Myself included. I can stand behind Weezy to a certain extent. Not because he is irrationally talented but I just so happen to enjoy his freestyles. I listened to a few tracks on Raj Smoove’s Lil Weezyana fairly frequently awhile ago. I think the kid is witty.

This track is kind of bland. 9th produced it but it still lacks any kind of punch or energy. It’s some handclaps over a bell/chime loop. Pooh flows okay, Phonte flows okay, Weezy flows okay. The song is okay. Honestly, it sounds like an extension of And Justus For All. Remember how you felt the first time you heard LB? It’s not going to happen with this one.


Let It Go – Little Brother, Kweli, Mos Def


Show Me What You Got -Lil Wayne


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3 responses to “Little Brother Is Breaking My Heart

  1. this is fantastic , i like , but i need more of the videos in the content

  2. Reed Hohenstein ⋅

    Little brother is awesome. . I had the chance to work with them here in boulder promoting a show for them. And Welcome to the Iggli crew.



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