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Snuggling Up Under The Covers [PART I]

I’m not going to lie, when I was in high school I actually liked the Punk Goes Pop album. I enjoy cover songs for their creativity and range. It’s like getting to enjoy a song you already liked a second time in another way…without Diddy trying to make it into a remix and skip around in the video.

Because I torture those I love with songs I love by playing them again and again, (Yes, I’m a repeat offender) I try to sneak in the cover version for some debateable variety in their lives.

 Here are a few of my favorites…


This Woman’s Work – Maxwell (originally recorded by Kate Bush)

Everyone who’s seen “Love and Basketball” remembers hearing this song and immediately tying it to some sensual, sexual experience but if you listen to the lyrics it is just a little more depressing than two grown actors pretending they’re having awkward, high school sex suggest. It’s basically about regret, emotional turmoil, maybe triumph (“I know you have a little life in you yet”) and nostalgia. Tough break. I applaud Maxwell for the falsetto. He’d probably win an Earth, Wind and Fire falsetto competition if Musiq didn’t show up.


Cool It Now – Len (originally recorded by New Edition)

My oldest sister would have broken her own bleeping neck to be that girl in the middle of all that delicious prepubescent lust. But, I digress. I think New Edition were the first males besides my imaginary boyfriend (who needs imaginary friends?) that I fell in love with via my sibling that is 11 years older than me. Bless her obsessive soul. This isn’t even my favorite New Edition song. I’d either go for “Popcorn Love”, “If It Isn’t Love” or “N.E. Heartbreak” but I haven’t heard or found covers of those songs.

Len isn’t a special band. They’re some Canadian pop group that I only remember making one single ever, but I did like “If You Steal My Sunshine” when I was in the seventh grade. That was the jam. I like that the female takes charge of vocals. It keeps it sounding very cutesy.

*Cool It Now- New Edition*


 Fly Me To The Moon – ?/Nancy Wilson (originally recorded by Kaye Ballard, best known as Frank Sinatra’s song)

If you instantly recognize this woman’s voice, email me or comment so I can be informed. Some dope told me this was Nina Simone but you might immediately notice this vocalist’s tone to be similar to a female’s. No disrespect to Ms. Simone at all, her vocals are just naturally in a lower register. I have a feeling it’s Nancy Wilson, so I’m going to casually stick with that.  This song is probably one of the most played in my entire collection over a period of time. I listen to it in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening and in the dead of night. It’s really beautiful and soothing to me. I put it on when I’m in a content, dreamy mood and when I just wish I was in one.


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One response to “Snuggling Up Under The Covers [PART I]

  1. Afrodite

    This Woman’s Work has always made me weep a little. Good weeping but weeping nonetheless.

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