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Call and Response


When referring to communication, call and response is an interaction between a speaker and a listener where the latter shows its agreement, disagreement, gratitude or disdain in direct response to what has been communicated. It’s a form of democratic participation in which a position that is typically seen as inferior no longer has to remain passive. In music, it is an interaction between instruments where one answers to what is referred to as a phrase played by another as a form of commentary or an addendum.

If you can stretch that futher within the realm of music, it can also include entire songs. The more my collection grows, the more I start making connections between songs. Whether it’s a commentary on general balance or the ying and yang of all things, I can’t quite say. But, it’s strange how things match up.

I Want To Talk About You – John Coltrane [1957]

I Want To See You – Alice Coltrane [1968]


Moon Dreams – Miles Davis [1949]

Looks Just Like the Sun – Broken Social Scene [2002]


Pusherman – Curtis Mayfield [1972]

I’m Waiting For the Man – Velvet Underground [1995]



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