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I Think I’m In Love With Today

The Way I Am– Ingrid Michaelson

I have a television that doesn’t get any channel other than PBS. It’s been this way for over a year and I actually enjoy not having access to such an easy distraction. When I leave the Bay Area to visit my mother, I like to indulge myself and see what ridiculousness is being fed to the world. A week or two ago I saw a commercial for Old Navy sweaters and they had this sweet, heartwarming little tune playing.

This song makes my whole heart melt. Don’t be fooled by this girl’s picture. Her voice is rich and extremely melodic. Her tone is very pure and the simplicity of the song is endearing. It starts with bass and bongos and gently swells into a fuller-sounding love song. Plus, it has handclaps. I’m a sucker for those. I highly recommend.


How Can I Tell You? [clip] – Cat Power 

Here’s another song from a commercial. It’s for some kind of jewelry company [whose name I’ve forgotten]. The song was originally recorded by Cat Stevens, but I prefer the Chan Marshall [better known as Cat Power] version that is, unfortunately, only 30 seconds. I wish that woman would record a full version so badly.


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2 responses to “I Think I’m In Love With Today

  1. Neeko

    Don’t you just adore it when they play a good song on a commercial that can get stuck in your head. I still have nightmares of those old jetta commercials where they play that”da da da” song.


  2. PagoKid ⋅

    I love that Ingrid Song….it’s really relaxing when listening to it.


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