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I Believe. I Do.

You’ll Find A Way  [Switch and Sinden Remix] – Santogold

Creator – Santogold

I was at a friend’s house last night and his roommate hadn’t heard any of M.I.A.’s Kala.  I was already torturing my friend with “Paper Planes” for the second consecutive time while we were reading when the roommate came in and had the same reaction most people with a working pair of ears has: WHAT?!?! When it was over, he put on a Santogold track and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t ever written anything about her in here.

Santi White better known as Santogold used to be the lead singer in a punk band called Stiffed [myspace] back in Philidelphia before moving to New York. They released in album an EP called Sex Sells and a full-length album in 2005 called Burned Again which no one ever really heard. I’ve only heard three tracks from it myself. They’re pretty cute stuff compared to the thick, grimy stuff she puts out now. The interesting thing is that if you listen close enough, you could imagine some of the songs from her punk band translating into the solo stuff she does now.

Now she’s friends with M.I.A. and her sound is comparably creative and gritty. Her sass and fearlessness translate really well through her music. “You’ll Find A Way” is probably my favorite song of hers. On her track “Creator” she pretty much sums herself up: “Me, I’m a creator/thrill is to make it up/the rules I break got me a place up on the radar.”

Can’t argue with that.


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One response to “I Believe. I Do.

  1. Kamene

    I really like M.I.A., too. So, naturally, I wanted to know other musicians that she considered friends..

    first of all. Diplo is a killer producer. like. wow.

    And Santi White’s boyfriend, Ex pro snowboarder Trevor Andrew turned “crunk rock” indie singer, is so great. You should definately listen to some of his tracks. He and Santi collaborate on a lot of songs.

    and apparently, they’re all this group of friends. M.I.A., Santogold, Trouble Trevor, Spank Rock, Diplo, and Switch (a producer that lends him self heavily on M.I.A.’s and Santogold’s tracks)

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