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Totimoshi isn’t a real word, it’s a band.

 Viva Zapata – Totimoshi

I found out about this band by accident in writing for Novoscene. Totimoshi is from Oakland, California and formed about ten years ago not too far from where I live. The three-piece band consists of bassist Meg Castellanos, drummer Chris Fugitt and guitarist and singer Antonio Aguilar. Some people say they’re the second coming of The Melvins.

They have this heavy, thick sound. Gritty stoner rock. It reminds me of a band one of my friend’s used to really like named Clutch. If I never heard his favorite song by them again, I’d still never forget it. This band lists Jimi Hendrix and The Who as influences, but I hear pieces that remind me of Isis or Mastodon. Their breakdowns are crunchy and while I might not have been the biggest fan of this guy’s vocals immediately, the music let me listen long enough to find a middle ground.

They seem like a pretty solid group of musicians. I picked an instrumental off of their album Ladron to share because its a pretty good introduction to their sound. It might help ease people who aren’t very interested in metal or old-school industrial into it. I make it sound like a bath.

For anyone in the Bay Area, they’re going to be playing live at the Stork Club on Tuesday at 9 p.m.


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