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Grab Bag of Satisfaction.

Before I leave the house I always do a mental checklist that sometimes turns into an audible event: “Wallet, keys, phone…okay.” Yesterday before I left to start my day there were two additional items: a book called The Size of Thoughts from The Friend (yes, that’s capitalized) and Cee-Lo’s album Closet Freak.

A Thug’s Concern/(Break)…One For the Road – Cee-Lo

Evening News – Cee-Lo

Someone throw stones at me. I just heard this album for the first time a week ago. A friend of mine mentioned a song off of this album to me and I didn’t even know what they were talking about. I was like, “Goodie Mob Cee-Lo? Gnarls Barkley Cee-Lo?” They were trying to make fun of my interest in spoken word and made a reference to his track “Sometimes.”

This album surprised me. I know Cee-Lo is a creative, weird dude but I wasn’t expecting this album to be what it was. One thing that I really appreciate about this entire album is the artistic, carefree vibe of the whole thing. I mean, I don’t know if Cee-Lo was raking over his bald head with his fingernails or gnawing on bendy straws but it seems like he just went into the studio and let it flow.

You know those creative people that are genuinely in love with whatever it is they just made regardless of whether it was as good or comparable to their last creation? I think they have a secret. When you’re always priming the pump, you allow much more to flow through you. As soon as you start criticizing your endeavors and ideas into a corner, you slow the flow and consequently lessen the potential of releasing the greatness. Cee-Lo releases the greatness.

And in case anyone cares, the album did contribute to my great day.


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