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Video: “Larry (a parable).”


Check them out: Myspace , Exittheapple , Oyinhandmade.

A cute couple from New York sent me a video of “Larry  (a parable)” that was produced by the wife, Jamyla, and written, directed and edited by the husband Pierre. Pretty good team. The two are writers, artists and aquarians that run a “not pop culture” site and a family-owned company, named atfer the Yoruba Word for ‘honey.’ They seem like cool people…and the video is actually pretty interesting. I think it’s worth watching.

For those too lazy or otherwise unwilling to watch it, I’ll give you a cheat-sheet: it’s an illustrated video a bit less than four minutes long altogether including credits. It opens with track by Bran-Nu Classix and a haunting voice. As far as content, it touches on exploitation, ignorance, the perils of blind exaltation and maybe capitalism. The animation and overall presentation are cool.




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