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Habits of An Addict.

If I’m at home and someone asks me what I’m doing on the phone or on AIM, I’ll usually always say the same thing: writing, listening to music. When The Friend asks what I’ll be doing after work, I typically say one of a few things: reading, writing, listening to music. Tonight he wrapped up the conversation quite eloquently: “All right…listen to music, write about it, I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” Damn right, baby.

This morning I was asked about my listening habits. I’ve already shared my habits of playing things over and over and over and over again to the chagrin of everyone within listening distance of me. It comes in waves and rounds, but typically begins with one simple sign: if I start a song over without listening to the whole thing first, it’s over. I do offer warnings and disclaimers to people by telling them that they should expect to hear a song again and again while they’re around me. The last couple days, it’s been these:


The Chills – Peter, Bjorn and John

I actually heard this on accident but i liked it so much that it prompted me to seek out the entire album. I had heard “Young Folks” and enjoyed it a lot. It was the whistling, the whimsical, walk-along vibe of the track that intrigued me. Some people might recognize it more as a sample used by Kanye. Tomato, Tomatoe. I like the muted maraca loop and I dig the way the percussion comes in at the very beginning. I bet this would be fun to play on drums. I’m into the whole construction of the song, really. I like the bass and the spooky, almost cold production. It loosely reminds me of Joy Division or Interpol. Sounds like something that could have been on this compilation I have called Minimal Ethics with tracks from bands like Videoliszt and Black Fantasy


Fly Away – Goodie Mob

Question: what you know about the banana and mayonaise, slices of toasted bread on the napkane?  The way things have been going for me these days, the chorus of this song has become my personal motto.


Shots – Big Dho, Sean Price

I’ve heard people say all kinds of things about this album, but I like it. No, it isn’t Christ in a compact disc but I’m okay with that. I like 9th a lot. I trust him with my ears. I really love hearing flutes in songs a lot and I love the way the strings come in to reiterate the melody. I guess, Big Dho and Sean Price do the best they can but it’s mostly the music that I keep coming back to this track for.


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