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Flying Lotus Is (From) the Future.

When Alice Coltrane passed away, I went through a Journey In Satchidananda / A Monastic Trio phase in her honor. Then I went ahead and breezed through a John Coltrane phase to complete the square. I don’t remember how I heard or found out about producer [and the Coltranes’ nephew], Flying Lotus, but I do remember immediately trying to get my hands on an album or some tracks. The closest I could come was his myspace music page. Flying Lotus sounds like the name of a new-age meditation style or an organic food product, doesn’t it? No, actually.

Flying Lotus sounds like something crackling through your intergalactic speakers in a parallel universe. This young producer’s tracks are dripping with sonic sweetness, dense and sticky. I got in touch with him and Stephen Christian over at Warp records trying to get a copy of his new EP Reset.


Massage Situation – Flying Lotus

One thing about this guy’s style is that production takes precendence over everything in his tracks. On the opening track entitled “Tea Leaf Dancers” a female vocalists sings over a simple, pulsating beat. If you could see the texture of the music, it would probably bend and warp physical matter the way heat makes the sand in the deserts warble.

The entire EP is totally self-contained. It’s like entering into a padded room where the sound cannot escape. He creates his own atmospheres which are thick and enveloping. Every single one of the six tracks on the EP are unique and likeable. The second track “Vegas Collie” is all cymbal, bass and snare with weird future sounds and a not-quite-decipherable vocal sample woven throughout. “Spicy Sammich” is a chill, moseying track that fills out almost two minutes into the song, “Bonus Beat” is an mid-tempo groove that’s just under a minute long and “Dance Floor Stalker” sounds like something that Sa-Ra might have left off of their last album.

Lastly, go play ATTACK!! on his site. That ish is hella fun.



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One response to “Flying Lotus Is (From) the Future.

  1. You are my new favorite! I am rooting for you.

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