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Jazzed About Work.

I just got a new job. A “real” one with all the perks. Paid lunches/vacations/holiday/sick days, health insurance, life insurance…you know. They only require one thing in return: my soul. It is explicitly stated in my employee manual that daydreaming is prohibited. That hurts.

One source of relief? The music. The people I work with are strewn all along the spectrum of subcultures from Dungeons and Dragons nerds who wear capes to skaters to hipsters to punk kids and so on. Between trying to find non-offensive music that the customers won’t complain about and attempting to satisfy the diverse tastes of the staff, there’s only been one genre everyone can agree on: jazz.

The best thing about it is that they’ve been playing all my favorites.


Ruby, My Dear – Thelonius Monk

I saw a documentary and they were talking about how eccentric and talented Monk was. He liked to stand out and liked to do things his own way. He was from another planet, they say. This is just a sweet, sentimental track with very quiet snare and cymbal just barely audible beneath the piano.


Journey in Satchidananda – Alice Coltrane

This song lowers my blood pressure. It’s very calming and drips slow like honey. My favorite thing about it is the bassline. The song goes from here to there, Alice plays the harp kind of fervently. But, that bassline stays steady. I like that.


Moon Dreams – Miles Davis

Everyone rants and raves about Bitches Brew, but Birth of the Cool is my favorite Miles Davis album. I wore it out the bleep out. And when I was sick of it, it was background music for a few months. You know, the default album when you can’t think of what you want to “listen” to while you’re doing something else. My favorite part starts at 1:18 when the horn solos so prettily and trills and flutters up a few octaves.


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