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The Man With the Velvet Voice.

Is there anyone else around with as many greatest hits, best of, gold collection, legacy edition albums as Barry White? It’s true, he might have some stiff competitors but Barrence [worst first name ever] ranks with the best of them.


Love’s Theme – The Love Unlimited Orchestra

I wish I could have found the cover art for the Greatest Hits: Vol. II record I have. You can literally see and feel the sweat dripping off of him. It’s so great. This picture makes him look jolly as hell, right? Uncle Barry! Wikipedia has this guy’s aliases as “Maestro”, “The Man With the Velvet Voice” and “The Walrus of Love.” Walrus of love?! That’s kind of messed up, right?

Anyway, this song is technically by him because he created the Love Unlimited Orchestra. It was the number one song the second week of February in 1974. It’s an instrumental by the group of string and percussion musicians. I literally think this song is flawless. It begins with this shrill ascent and then simmers into a soulful, lavish groove that never lasts long enough. It’s only a little over four minutes long and I usually listen to it a few times in a row to make sure I heard it all because it has a lot of light, delicate layers.

Do yourself a favor and at least listen to it for the first time or again for the eightieth.


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8 responses to “The Man With the Velvet Voice.



  2. carlos ⋅

    Who exactly is on the photo with barry White? Who are the other girls and the baby?
    Thanks for the info.

  3. carlos

    I am a man and BARRY WHITE Will Always be my hero in the bed department along with a few others like Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Isley Brothers, EW&Fire and a few others BUT HE TOPS THEM ALL!!
    Great Photo and thanks for keeping him in the air.
    Who are the others with him on the photo here posted with the baby?

  4. Pete ⋅

    Left is Linda James, then Barry, right is Diane Taylor who died in 1985 of cancer.
    Front is Glodean James with (I’m guessing) Shaherah, one of the children, Barry & Glodean had together.

    As a die-hard BW fan since ’79, Love’s Theme along with many other beautiful songs, will remain THE masterpiece of orchestration of all time.

  5. loubna ⋅

    the best singer in the world.

  6. loubna ⋅

    MR BARRY WHITE is the best of all.Ican t listen to other singers never . His songs are all very nice and his voice is unique.we miss him a lot.Thank you.

  7. W.B. ⋅

    White’s musical style (which I’ve always admired), plus his elaborate concerts and larger-than-life presence, seemed to bespeak the adage that Jackie Gleason (who, in his “other” career as a “mood music” conductor in the fifties and sixties, could have been called the “Elephant of Love”) abided by throughout the peak of his career: “Three elephants are better than one.” Which seems to prove that such a dictum was as universal as the various themes that resonated in the music Barry crafted for himself, Love Unlimited, and his Love Unlimited Orchestra.

  8. Romanov ⋅

    These womans are The Love Unlimited Orchestra ( Glodean B. White with a child is his wife and Linda James and Diana Taylor-with glasses(Diane Taylor, sadly, died from cancer in 1985)

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