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I’ve been too busy to sit and breathe in music the way I used to have the time to. The music at work has strayed from jazz. It’s getting a little funky, actually, which suits my recent phase. My head’s been spiraling off in space and I’ve come to all these ridiculous realizations about music, the complete lack of originality and how joyous it is to trace sounds and styles back to their orgins.

This kid told me listening to funk is like going to church. I’ve been stumbling into other music heads and everyone knows the joys of making new friends: new music!/music you forgot about! It’s tricky, though. I was almost ousted because of my unintentional complete disregard for Rick James and my sad selection of Prince tracks on my computer [redeemed myself with vinyl]. I think musical people animate situations. I’ve found myself in some really animated situations these last few days.

Hoe Cakes – MF DOOM

Rhymes Like Dimes – MF DOOM

I love MF DOOM a lot. His music is fun and smart without being pretentious. He knows he’s talented. It’s like a great painter who loves to fingerpaint. Maybe I’m going to far. I’ll say this: it’s good to skate to.



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Writer, obsessive audiophile, secret bedroom DJ, local daydreamer with more books than shelf space. I'm stockpiling for the inevitable drought. Let's collaborate.

One response to “SUPER.

  1. Skiggity Sky ⋅

    Good thing you had the Prince vinyl on hand to redeem yourself!

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