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A Mind Meandering.

I remember once when someone asked me what I liked to talk about I said, ‘forms of circuitry’ and they were either a] lost, b] bored or c] thought I was trying way too hard to be deep. In reality, I was being totally sincere. I’m sure everyone’s already gone silent over trying to fit the notion of an inhabitable planet into their teeny earthminds; something or the other about atmosphere and gravity, ozone, carbon dioxide, oxygen, H2O and so on. Nevermind trying incorporate the notion of, well, notions. Intelligent life that forms social circles, ideas, riots. Creates systems, cultures, organized religion. I think of the system that allows the sun to chemically affect a molecule called chlorophyll when it is absorbed and the energy is synthesized which creates plant life and food which sustains human beings as circuitry, a catch-22 (except the plants don’t need us, but that’s another rambling session]. I also see the functions that cooperate to make both optic and auditory processing, translation and coherence possible as circuitry.  I mean, the wiring of the human body is so ineffably complex that I guess anything that mirrors that in any way is a form of confirmation,  an instance of synchronity every nanosecond I’m functioning, comprehending, interacting, being passive or even unconscious.

In short, I like things that are beyond me.

I learned something today that excited the hell out of me and at first I didn’t understand until I processed just how little I could really process it. Folllow me: the Perseus Galaxy Cluster is an assemblage of roughly a few thousand galaxies an estimated 320 million light years away from the Earth. It’s thought [because how could we possibly really know?] to be one of the most massive objects in the entire universe with a total mass weight equal to trillions of suns. A black hole in the cluster emits soundwaves with a frequency of about 10 million light years. The sound it makes is the lowest note in the entire universe. It is a B-flat fifty seven octaves lower than middle C. It is too low for the human ear to pick up but it vibrates in and around all day long. It’s like background music from another dimension.

So, I thought I would do my part: background music from this dimension.

In Particular – Blonde Redhead

 sounds: spacey, meandering, slightly creepy

Hopeless – Dionne Farris

sounds: full, round, comforting

That’s the Way of the World – Earth, Wind and Fire

sounds: soulful, unobtrusive, melodic

Past In Present – Feist

sounds: twangy, cutesy

Ooh Child – The Five Stairsteps

sounds: layered [horns] , sentimental, simple

Eleanor, Put Your Boots On – Franz Ferdinand

sounds: acoustic, sweet, accented

Anthrax – Gang of Four [skip the feedback if it annoys you]

sounds: crackling, urgent, plesantly repetitive

Dirtywhirl – T.V. On the Radio

sounds: gruffy, bluesy

Where Do You Go To My Lovely? – Peter Sarstedt

sounds: folksy, british


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  1. Stumbled upon your blog a week ago and decided to come back. Not for the articles you write, but for how you write them, really amazing stuff you’re doing here, i like how you put information into the articles which makes it much more easier to read and much more interesting of course. Keep up the good work!

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