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“She’ll Make You Sweat In the Water.”

I think I was a sophomore in high school when me and Emily started a really shallow friendship based exculsively on music. We ran into each other at a show and continued to exchange mixtapes and go to shows together for a couple more years. She handed me a lot of gems on a silver platter. I always looked forward to her mixtapes. I got introduced to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs because of her. I listened to “Miles Away” over and over again.

Years later during my sophomore year in college a different friend of mine included an old YYYs song for old time’s sake. “Art Star” got a lot of play…and it’s only a two minute song, so you can imagine what that means and how many times it got played. I don’t know how I could listen to Karen O try out her wannabe cookie monster metal howl so many times.

The other day I was looking for something to wear and I came across my threadbare, bright orange shirt that I had scribbled YEAHYEAHYEAHS on with a fabric marker. I forgot how hard of a phase I went through. Wild, weird and sassy women tickle and delight me. Interviews with her, anecdotes about her and pictures of her intrigued me. Something about a strong, strange woman howling and hopping around on stage with no hesitation in bright, mismatched or ripped up clothes just resonated with me. I think she’s definitely got a lot tamer, but she’s still a quirky girl and I love her.

So, here’s the Is Is EP that came out this summer. Don’t hesitate to put on your Fever To Tell, if you have it.

1.] Rockers To Swallow – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

2.] Down Boy – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

3.] Kiss, Kiss  – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

4.] Is Is – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

5.] 10 x 10 – Yeah Yeah Yeahs


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