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Uhh, Uffie?

Everyone knows I’m in the M.I.A./Santogold fanclub. Some Cali rasta/skater kid recommended Uffie to me so I could stop ruining his life by keeping the other two on a strict diet of repeatrepeatrepeat. So moderation isn’t my specialty, sue me – viva la indulgence.

Body Bass [Curtis Vodka Mix] – Uffie

In Charge – Uffie

Uffie is some twenty year old, American-born brat that relocated to Paris in her mid-teen years who has a lot of nerve. She’s an interesting combination of Peaches’ nastiness, Lily Allen’s wit, M.I.A.’s whimsical sing-songy melodies,  and Santogold’s production style. Taking my affinity for brash, outspoken, strange women into account, I endorse her on principle…but I’m so conflicted. Her music [and I use that term loosely] is purposefully bad, tacky and charmingly/alarmingly vulgar.

The upbeat, disco-hop production is likeable and even kind of fun. It’s the lyrics that make you stop for a second. She’s real wild but extra casual about it. There’s something about her that makes me believe that she isn’t just trying to shock people by being a vulgar, enthusiastically sexual white girl who raps. She’s like The Blow‘s dirty, evil twin. I don’t even know what to say, I think she’s out of control.

I’m on the fence.


Read about Mickey Factz over on Stuntin On Prose and then ran into this track.

Talk Yo Ish – Mickey Factz [featuring Uffie]


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6 responses to “Uhh, Uffie?

  1. preciate the shouts my gal. i’ll have to hear more of this uffie before i give her santogold/m.i.a. status. amanda blank is going hard on that whole raunchy white chick thing too; must be the trend du jour.

  2. Alyssa ⋅

    Uffie is great
    It is the tacky, horribleness of her music that makes it awesome.

    GO UFF GO!

  3. becky ⋅

    well i’m definately a fan of all three of them! uffie’s a little wild but i like her. her voice is kinda different so its cool!

  4. X

    Talentless and only looks that may only get her anywhere. 2/10

  5. chiyapike ⋅

    hehe this music has some random cuteness to it.

  6. frida ⋅

    Do you have the body bass song with uffie? i want it soo bad!
    email it to me or something.. i would be so happy 🙂

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