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It Finally Happened: I’m So In Love.

I love Barry White. I’ve already made a post about him and his velvety, “walrus of love” [still so wrong!] voice that’s been pleasing fans and being played at wedding receptions for thirty years or so. I briefly talked a little bit about The Love Unlimited Orchestra and put up the only song of theirs I knew at the time.

The other day while I was at work trying to daydream the hours away I came across a Barry White and The Love Unlimited Orchestra album [a best of/greatest hits type of deal] that had six Love Unlimited tracks. Six whole tracks composed by Barry White. Now, I knew the man wrote his own songs but somehow I completely missed the fact that he also had the ability to arrange instrumental music.

Rhasody In White – The Love Unlimited Orchestra

Forever In Love – The Love Unlimited Orchestra

All the tracks sound like something Barry White could have written lyrics to for another classic song. They’re beautiful and play with an easy complexity of someone who knows how to fit sounds together. I get the feeling that he must have had a very intimate relationship with tones and pitches beyond the piano and keyboard. His compositions combine funk, disco and soul to produce what really is his own trademark sound.

“Rhapsody In White” placed on the billboard charts in 1974. It’s a mid-tempo groove with even, unobtrusive percussion [heavy on the snare], nice guitar pieces [you know that wakka-wakka sound but a little softer] and some simple lead guitar playing out the melody. “Forever In Love” plays just a little funkier and is slower. The bass drum gains some volume and the whole track just rides itself out. I’m so grateful for the violins.


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