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QUICKIE! – Ragtime and Blues.

I found some ragtime and blues from the 1920s and 1930s. I know nothing about the blues. It’s a genre that just escaped my mind, so I’ve never sought it out. I wasn’t exactly looking for this either but great things have a way of falling into my lap.

Ragtime Millionaire – William Moore

You Gonna Quit Me Blues – Blind Blake

This album features songs by Tampa Red, Carl Martin and other including Blind Blake who is often referred to as the King of Ragtime Guitar. Supposedly, only one photograph of this guy exists. Talk about being a breath away from being a ghost.

These tracks were obviously recorded from vinyl. You can hear the crackling all throughout the songs.


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One response to “QUICKIE! – Ragtime and Blues.

  1. RAGTIME MILLIONAIRE (2008 Version)

    I didn’t have the words handy to “Ragtime Millionaire,” so I wrote a version of my own:

    Now, I’ll just find myself a corner and I’ll pick ’em a song,
    Nobody needs a ticket, and it wouldn’t be long.
    With a little guitar to maybe tickle a bone,
    I’m a sidewalk star and you let it be known.
    Well, all ya little people, take your hat off to me–
    I’m a ragtime millionaire.

    Now, hear me syncopate it, shuffle it, or pick it up slow,
    I bring back around and I’m ridin’ the flow,
    Swingin’ it easy, in two-four time,
    I’m flush, I’m a-loaded, and I ain’t got a dime.
    Now, all ya little people, take your hat off to me–
    I’m a ragtime millionaire.


    See me playin’ on the corner with a feather in my hat,
    I’m a holy-shoed and ragged shirt aristocrat.
    Hear me rollin’ the strings, it’s a knack, it’s a flair,
    Well, I’m one ragtime millionaire.
    Now, all ya little people, take your hat off to me–
    I’m a ragged-time millionaire.


    Well, I’m a rag, yes I’m a rag.
    Well, I’m a rag, yes, I’m a ragtime millionaire,
    So all ya little people take your hat off to me–
    I’m a ragtime millionaire.


    Wrote Internet user “Bunker Hill”:

    Moore’s song is actually a parody (using the same tune and title) of Irving Jones’s 1900 hit
    “‘The’ Ragtime Millionaire.” Jones was a very popular and successful black composer (c.1895-1905).

    –O.V. Michaelsen (Ove Ofteness), a fingerpicker

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