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Strange Days.

My sister would probably laugh if she knew I couldn’t stop listening to a Buju Banton song considering she was around during the budding of my music obsession. I won’t go into details, but I was a cheesy kid.

I was sitting listening to music and thinking about my day. Music follows me wherever I go. Well, maybe it’s the other way around. The bookstore I work at is behind a jazz cafe and on Sunday afternoons and on countless random evenings, there’s live music that fills the store by default.

Today I was standing on a stool to reach the higher shelves and I could feel the bass coming out through my calves. My brain started whirring and ticking, it was recognizing a melody. Then it clicked: “People Make the World Go ‘Round” by the Stylistics. I was overjoyed for a moment.  I wish I could have been in there.

I’ve been getting disinterested in my music collection. Trying to branch out and find things that really speak to me is slow and time-consuming. Now that I have less time for that, I’ve really been searching the annals of my memory to bring up some old songs that I loved when I was younger and didn’t even have the mental access to the words that would help me articulate how and why it moved me so. All I knew was that it made some kind of innate sense to me. Now I can understand that I love the sound of horns, the crack of percussion and favor certain chord progressions and song arrangements more than others.

Because music starts my day, I usually go with the first whim I have. For the last few mornings, I have been surprising myself with the songs that have popped into my head. It’s like some weird sonic nostalgia feedback.

 Hollywood Swinging – Kool and the Gang


I’m Coming Out – Diana Ross

I’d nominate this song for top ten best song intros of all time. Love the percussion and guitar.


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