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Duped By Diplo, Blissful With Blackalicious.

Who doesn’t love Diplo? Some people might not know who he is or some people might be entirely apathetic about the guy, but I really like the guy. Between his remixes, mashups and mixtapes and the acts that he is associated with, I feel pretty comfortable standing behind him as an artist and music maker. I’ve never seen the guy DJ live, so I thought spending a relatively large sum of money I didn’t really have to go see him in San Francisco for New Year’s would be the perfect way to ensure I started the New Year broke and happy.


I just want to officially go on record for those who might google the guy’s name and some other choice keywords and say that HE RUINED MY NEW YEAR’S. I was with three other people and we pretty much walked out on the guy. I tried to hang but as soon as he started playing a Crystal Waters track, I knew it was time to go.

Pen and Pad – Blackalicious

World of Vibrations – Blackalicious

A week or so before that I went to the Filmore to see Blackalicious. I am a pretty casual fan of his. I got his album The Craft by chance and it got average play. I guess like any good artist or entertainer, an inanimate recording of their music is no comparison to their live performances. He really did a good job and even though I had to leave before he was finished I thoroughly enjoyed myself. His band was practiced and lively, his background singers were energetic and enthusiastic. It was a pretty good show.


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2 responses to “Duped By Diplo, Blissful With Blackalicious.

  1. nextthing

    Wow sorry to hear that. I’m not real familiar w/ dude but i did hear a remix or mashup or something I liked. I think u would dig my wife’s blog. Your is very cool. Feel u on Waxpoetics too..
    Check her out

  2. smilesdavis ⋅

    I am familiar with diplo. I luved the remix album he did for MIA. The thing is though, about 90% of DJs (good or bad) are wack to see live. There is a very select few that are kool live (for me Jazzy Jeff, Furious Five’s DJ Grandmaster Flash- of course there are others) And I’m a DJ. I don’t think all DJs should be put in the furthest, darkest corner of a joint, but most of ’em don’t need to be spotlighted, front and center.

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