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A Love Affair.

Stuntin On Prose was on this about two months ago but it wasn’t until I talked to the man himself that I was personally introduced to El Michels Affair and officially inducted into their base of respectful listeners.

Yennicita – El Michels Affair 

Detroit Twice – El Michels Affair

They remind of a lot of other recent instrumental soul outfits that have been popping up all over the places now. They use emphatic, layered horns in different octaves to add depth to their songs, straightforward percussion and unobtrusive basslines that secretly carry the track’s best melodies.

I think “Yennicita” might be my favorite track on the entire album. It’s a soulful groove with the funky 70s guitar style that remind me of a Barry White track. In fact, I would bet if you removed the horns and replaced them with strings it would sound very similar to a Barry White song. On the first few listens the horns were my favorite part of the song but after a few more, I think I like the bass best.

I guess it isn’t too surprising that “Detroit Twice” sounds like it could have been a Motown track. Without the horns it could have been a Marvin Gaye song. Hey, maybe even with them.

In short, QUALITY or as J. would say FUEGO!


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2 responses to “A Love Affair.

  1. smilesdavis ⋅

    Love that Detroit Twice. wasn’t up on this album. good look’n out.

    be well

  2. niiice. glad you liked it. found that gary wilson too.

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