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New Kids On the Block.

The KNUX are a sibling “garage-hop” duo that are originally from New Orleans but are now residing in Hollywood. There isn’t much information about them on the web, so unfortunately the artist biography portion will be summarized from the annals of my memory: two-relatively estranged brothers finally bonded over a some amazing hip-hop album in the 90s and the rest is history. Well, there’s more.

After making half a million in some car theft ring [I’m not making it up, maybe they are], they almost were put in prison but somehow beat their case. They cleaned up a little and now I guess the rest is history. They have matching tattoos of ladybugs. The story is when they came off of their case dressing different and being more eccentric, people told them that they were “bugging.” They agreed and met those statements with their own irony.

I am not personally a fan of their music but I think they should at least pass over your radar on principle. They aren’t radically unique but they are at least attempting to do something a little different. They are a mix of Gym Class Heroes with lyrics you can’t take too seriously and The Cool Kids with the simplicity of their production. Go to their myspace page and mull it over. Or don’t. Just remember you heard the name.


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One response to “New Kids On the Block.

  1. yo these gys are mad cool..
    i met them at SXSW and wel they bought my stuff and they put on the illest show ever!!

    and…well i havent danced like that ever…since my bros orthadox jewish wedding..


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