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The United States of Amerykah.

I’ve always really liked Erykah Badu. I don’t even mind that she’s seemed to be getting stranger and stranger every year in ways that aren’t always flattering. There’s a big glaring area between quirky and off. Sometimes I get the feeling she makes people uncomfortable in social settings. But, that’s neither here nor there.

Healer –  Erykah Badu

The production on this track is really simple and almost elegant. Madlid keeps the atmosphere contained with crisp, decisive percussion, but there’s a lot of open space for a little bit of fuzz to fill it. Combined with the echoing xylophone, it sounds like she’s singing this through the mist on a porch with those hanging chimes. It’s a sneaking, spookily catchy song without many tricks besides a part where Madlib funnels her vocals through what sounds like a compression chamber and spits it back out with some heavily distorted clip-clop sounds.


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One response to “The United States of Amerykah.

  1. xe ⋅

    thanks etta,

    is this off a new album?


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