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In the Name of Love.

Lately the weather’s been persistant in its dreariness and consistant in its intensity. I’ve been seeing a lot of umbrellas being blown inside out and people trying to see through the droplets collecting on the lenses of their glasses. Today I woke up to blue sky [must fight urge to play Electric Light Orchestra] and felt so new that I had to put on one of the albums I’ve been sitting on until I was in the mood to really enjoy them. I’ve had The Supremes’ album The #1s for a couple weeks now. I put it on before I went to work and was stunned when I realized I had actually started snapping.

I Hear A Symphony – The Supremes

Reflections – The Supremes

I know there are lots of politics that preceed the trio, but I only care about the the cotton candy bubblegum soul, really. I mean, before they were famous they were singing backup vocals and doing handclaps for Marvin Gaye. How cute is that?

“I Hear a Symphony” came out in 1965 and was followed by “Reflections” in 1967. Whoever compiled these tracks either didn’t do any research or just needed to fulfill a requirement because “Reflections” never actually made it to #1. The best thing about the first song is the background vocals. It’s in the perfect pitch and timbre. They remind me of Isaac Hayes or Aretha Franklin’s background vocalists.  I love everything about the second song. The pace is nice. The best thing is the tambourine and that electric organ. When’s the last time you heard that one?


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