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Swank You Very Much.

With dusty and stain-tinged edges,  from the depths of ignorant insignificance, I bring you Vampyros Lesbos: A Sexadelic Dance Party. Written and conducted by Manfred Hublar and Siegfried Schwab, the album is a collection of mostly instrumental tracks that accompanied the films of mostly forgotten writer, director, actor and cinematographer Jesus Franco.

The actual film came out in 1971 and was considered a cult classic of European Exploitation films. As I’m sure you can deduce, this film has more than slight homosexual tilt. This was just one of Jesus Franco 180 films where the term “horrotica” could be applied. His films usually featured lesbian vampires, women in prison or focused on some theme of sexual exploration. He also did other “exploitation” genres like cannibal films and nunsploitation.

Droge cx 9 – Vampyros Lesbos

Shindai Lovers –  Vampyros Lesbos

Necronomania – Vampyros Lesbos

The album liner notes describe the music as acid jazz-pop and I think that’s a fair categorization but with very little emphasis on jazz except for on a few tracks that feature horns.  I’d probably only insist on adding in the term “swanky” as well.

“Droge cx 9” opens with a bassline that LCD Soundsystem wished they thought of first and adds in the piano and guitar before teasing in some sparce percussion and bright horns. Sounds like swanky french pop to me. I would love to hear Serge Gainsbourg put some vocals over it, but it’s also quite lovely on its own.

At first listen to “Shindai Lovers”, I immediately thought of MF DOOM. You know how some of his songs have that toy-sounding piano on it? That electric piano reminded me of “Rhymes Like Dimes” for just a split second. The track is pretty even paced and likeable.

“Necronomania” is probably one of my favorite tracks on the album. It’s some Count Dracula-sounding spookfest with great percussion. I like the vocals that fuzz in and out of sounding like instruments. First it sounds like a horn, then a voice, then an organ.

 Oh, and I was just kidding about the dust and stain-tinged edges — you can buy this on Amazon.


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One response to “Swank You Very Much.

  1. “droge cx9” = whoa

    there’s instruments slapping me from all directions and i’m diggin it. keep up the good work.

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