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If God is a DJ, then life is a radio station. I’ve been getting lots of static lately. Transition is a strange thing, isn’t it? Zora Neale Hurston said ‘there are years that ask questions and years that answer.’ Oi.


Ike and Tina Turner – I Want To Take You Higher

Ike and Tina Turner – Come Together

My mantra has been simple: just breathe and watch the Ike and Tina bootleg you got for free. Tina Turner was the hardest working woman in show business and Ike, despite his misdirected anger and inferiority complex, was a really good guitarist. How she let that wig on a broomstick beat her, I’ll never know. But, R.I.P.

Ike really ran a tight ship. Besides a couple of issues with the mics of the background singers/dancers, everything else went more than smoothly. Well-rehearsed isn’t the word, either. Precise is the word. They’re still humans so it was a little rough around the edges but I was impressed. Tina and her background singers/dancers are dressed in bright, bold colored dresses and backed by Ike and his band in mostly reds and oranges. It makes for an interestingly retro-looking stage.

They play a lot of easily recognizable songs from their catalog but in a faster tempo and with more of a rock ‘n roll nuance to it.  I won’t say it makes them more likeable because that isn’t it. What it does is make you appreciate the range of the song they constructed and/or the capability of the people playing it [given that some of the songs are not original compositions].

Maybe I’ve seen What’s Love Got To Do With It? too many times, but if Hollywood wasn’t exaggerating  about Ike’s abusive dominance and the fact that he had almost complete control over Tina Turner’s career then there is something that that stands out most about this show based on the quality and its structure: Ike was a businessman first and a husband second who put this woman to work.

I’ve been watching it for, like, four days, though. I really like it. Must find more old concert footage!


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