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Tigra Without Bunny: Less Boom.

Everyone knows who Lady Tigra is. Everyone knows  her best friend, Bunny D, too. Plus, a few of the things they like. In particular: cars that go boom.

 DNA/Love To Me – Lady Tigra

Rachel de Rougemont has grown up since her L’trimm days and released an album called “Please Mr. Boombox” the last week of January. When I first heard a few of her tracks I thought I was listening to the wrong stuff. With this new wave of sassy, unapologetically grimy dance music a la M.I.A. and Santogold, I thought she might be a newer interpretation of that Miami Bass sound that she had back in the 80s.

These tracks sound more like  watered-down dance pop. Her voice lacks strength and I can’t be sure if it’s because she’s trying to be cute or trying to not to overwhelm the paper thin production but I’m disappointed. This track is for people with different ears to enjoy. If that’s you, go to her myspace and listen to more.


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