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Turn That Noize Up!

I have a dear friend who loves to dance and I can always tell when he likes what he’s hearing because a wave starts up his body. He’s from the south so more of his movement is initiated from the lower half of his body. I guess it’s a regional thing. His legs start moving, then his hips, then his arms. And then it’s over. He’s a good dancer who loves house music. Maybe I can get that thief to write a Book Worm review for The Rough Guide To House Music after he returns my book [:)]. Berlin’s Boys Noize reminds me of him. 

& Down – Boys Noize 

Lava Lava – Boys Noize

Boyz Noize is Alexander Ridha, an electro-tech DJ and producer. He released “Oi Oi Oi”  last year in September on his own label appropriately named Boysnoize Records established way back in 2005. Before that he was releasing albums on French labels like Kitsuné Music, DJ Hell’s International Deejay Gigolo Records and Tiga’s Turbo Records under the names 909d1sco and Kid Alex. Lately, he’s done remixes for Feist, Justice and German electronic musician Apparat who also ows Shitkatapult Records.

This music is heavy and crunchy. The amount of distortion used reaches disastrously delicious heights. It’s gaudy glamour that makes your speakers crackle with its persistance. It’s pure machine sound with none of that space pop sass or appropriation of intergalactic regions and planets as true birth locations that’s been exciting people since Funkedelic sang to ride on the chariot. It’s not aliens invading earth or sound waves reverberating through dimensions. It’s the space ship cruising without needless inhabitants trying to navigate it.

This is Daft Punk’s evil twin.


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