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Banding Together.

I’ve always really liked the The Blood Brothers. I don’t know, the angular, cat-caught-in-a-blender screeches kind of worked for me for a long time. March On Electric Children was the jam.

Highways of Gold – Jaguar Love

Two of its members, vocalist and keyboardist Johnny Whitney and drummer Cody Votolato, have joined up with Jay Clarke. He was the the keyboardist, vocalist and guitarist from Pretty Girls Make Graves. They’ve switched up the instrumental responsibilities a little bit for their new outfit, though. Clarke plays drums and Cody plays bass while Whitney still handles the vocals.

The oft-catagorized “art-punk” band just recently completed their album at Seattle’s Two Sticks Audio with Jay [guys in the glasses] producing and engineering the whole project. It’s supposed to be out some time in the summer on Matador Records before they start touring in the fall.

For those of you familiar with The Blood Brothers and Pretty Girls Make Graves, Jaguar Love will sound almost like you think these two bands put together would sound like. Still,  “Highways of Gold” really caught me off guard. I was expecting all their tracks to be a bit darker a la “The Man With the Plastic Suns.” Instead, it kind of sounds like it could have been a Les Savy Fav track. Listen to it.


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2 responses to “Banding Together.

  1. Brilliant post., brother

  2. Etta Strange ⋅

    correction: SISTER.

    ‘prreciate it!

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