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It’s not that “I Want You Back” and “ABC” aren’t great songs. They are. The Jackson 5 only made jams. That’s an indisputable, bonafide fact.  It’s just there are some real jams that never got radio play, never making it into Jackson 5 hits everyone knows. Whether it’s covers of songs or just slightly less accessible tracks, it’s great.


It’s Your Thing – The Jackson 5

Lookin’ Through the Windows – The Jackson 5

Ready Or Not [imeem] – The Jackson 5

I actually spent money on an ultimate collection album a few years ago even though I know Michael wipes with hundred dollar bills. He’ll take my measly pennies and I’ll give them to him.

Maybe go download DJ Jaycee’s Jackson 5 mixtape over on Stuntin On Prose.


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  1. Luiz ⋅

    Michael ! You are the best Forever !!! The world love you !!!!

    Goodbuy master !!! Thank You !!!!

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