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Record Store Day.

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Yesterday I visited my local Amoeba to celebrate one of the most neglected holidays of the year: record store day. On this day DJs play music while you buy music and get music-related free things in the music store. It all sounds kind of glorious in theory and for the most part it was, but it also just seemed like they were trying to create the type of environment most people want in a record store anyway. I got there mid-way through the festivities and walked in on Pam The Funkstress [myspace] of The Coup [myspace/official site] /B.A.S.S. [myspace].

She played a cool set with a lot of mostly predictable but impressively-mixed “slappers.” It was my first time seeing a black female DJ on turntables with skill, technique and a smile. Her set was being played througout the entire store but she was set up in the world music room right by my usual dancehall/reggae stop. No one was really paying attention to her, so I stayed in there for support and so I could swipe some information from her for later. 

When I left, I hit up the cheap/free records on the corner and got a few good ones. Here’s a cornucopia of the last few records I’ve scored:


Not Pictured:

Individually and Collectively – The 5th Dimension

Save Me – Silver Convention

Family Man – Jaki Byard

I Am – Earth, Wind and Fire


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