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Blessed By the Free Music Gods.

Quickly and unrelated to much else: I really, really like the international news broadcasts that come on the public access channels in my area [5 Day News and India’s CNN are great]. A few years ago I found DW-TV, a German program and earlier today they played some European R&B that was kind of good. Too bad it was just background music to a feature about interior design.

Today I happened upon a few free records and a bunch cassette tape singles outside of my local Rasputin. Two of the records have blank labels on them. Who knows what could be on them? One of them is a Romey Rome, 8 Ball and MJG single and the other one has “UNKNOWN BUT SICK!!” written onto one of the blank labels. I couldn’t pass them up.

The list of cassette singles is as follows:

“Make Your Move For Love” – The Rainbow Girls

Mary Jane’s Last Dance” –  Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

“Love Like This” – Grover Washington, Jr.

“Skin I’m In” – Cameo

“Scream/Childhood” – Michael Jackson

“Strawberry 23” – Tevin Campbell

“Slyde” – Cameo

“Everytime My Heart Beats” – Riff

“What You Don’t Know” – Expose

“Too Much Information” – Duran Duran

“Go For Yours” – Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam Full Force

“Wonderwall” – Oasis


Sweet Sound ’88

Amazing Greats


Scary Sound Effects – Kid Rhino


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