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Recommended to me via Myspace from the man who mixed it himself, Machinedrum [myspace]. Who you’re looking at up there is Theophilus London, an MC from Brooklyn who I don’t know a damn thing about except he rhymes on this mixtape that is mostly playful and imaginative. Kind of like a Kanye you’d want to be around except he might be smart instead of just clever. Definitely worth listening to.


1.] Jam!

2.] Blindfolded

3.] Future Times

4.] Die 4 You

5.] Late Night Operation

6.] One For Me Freestyle

7.] Epitome

8.] Night Ridin’

9.] Star Scream

10.] Leader Of the New School

11.] Invisible Man

12.] superbad

13.] Rest Of ‘Em

14.] Call Tyrone

15.] The Blues

16. Forever Begins

17.] Ber Ber Der Dant

18.] Ultra Violet

19.] DVRC

20.] Stranger In Moscow



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  1. J-diddy ⋅

    Dis kat sucks, he ain’t worth listenin too my grandmutha kan do betta job

  2. Echelon ⋅

    My man put me on him some months ago…but then I heard his joint on “Higher” it was Tropicana sincerely…………………another verbs its simply majestic, he was healing aspects of my stress disorders. I bless him much success. yes. God answers prayer….HipHop is still breathing…….support life abort hate feed your babies….this is for higher learners, true earners, soul culture beehive workers………the honey is the reward. Shalom.

  3. b ⋅

    definately niice. brings the feel good back to hip hop music. so worth listening to!

  4. pure

    this kid is fake as hell

  5. Genius ⋅

    Theophilus is not like Kanye. But rather, Kanye is like Kid Cudi, Theophilus, etc.

    • Arham

      this cat is nice. definately an intellectual flowey cat. BUT he is NOT close to kanye. kanye is on anotha level son. u cant compare rookies to legends son. chillll. kanye been doin it fo wayy too long.

  6. This dude is really nice. He’s different and I like his approach.

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  8. Jesykah

    He iis one cool dude. New flow different vibe.
    He does bring hip hop back. None of dat Kanye west shiit. Why yall hatin on him. Check out his new album.

  9. ml74 ⋅

    ml74 …well as per usual the lyrics..what can I say subpar but the production is right …good flow..decent image better than the average cookie cutter nonsense out now..BK hipster typical

  10. Huge In Japan ⋅

    I saw this cat freestlying on POW Radio (check the video on YouTube), He’s pretty decent and his music can off as bit pretentious at times but he’s definitely a breath off fresh air. I must have listened to “This Charming Mixtape” on repeat at least a kajillion times already.

  11. ace* ⋅

    looks like Theo got the last laugh. he’s blowing up all over you niggas

  12. zs12235 ⋅

    dont listen to em…most creative refreshing shit ive heard …ur gonna blow up

  13. Zvezdoros ⋅

    My first post! 🙂

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