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Thrill Dem With It.

I’ve had this album on my mind for almost a month now. The day I found it at Amoeba I couldn’t afford it and kept it well-hidden in the children’s section until today. Rejoice! I can’t tell if I was being crazy or not by thinking I had happened upon a gem/jam but the cover art was just too tough for me to think otherwise. You can’t really tell from the quality or size of the image below, but chick is wearing a matching rose-print gold tracksuit and hat and the underside is fettered in sequins.


Old Time Stylee – Thriller Jenna

Unfortunately there is only extremely basic information about this woman or her music anywhere on the internet that I could find. From the liner notes in the album, I can deduce that this album was originally released in 1992 [although most internet sources say it was 1993]. Judging from her accent and the style of the music, Jenna’s most likely an island gal and throughout the album comes off as an MC Lyte type of chick. She refers to herself as the “Chilla Thriller Jenna” but with her accent it just sounds like she’s calling herself trill. The most interesting fact is that the album was produced by Mad Professor, the dub scientist who worked with legends like Lee Perry and pioneeered Ariwa Sounds, a label known for lovers rock, dub and reggae.

Enjoy the jam!


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One response to “Thrill Dem With It.

  1. mrcanacorn ⋅

    Awesome…I don’t think I could have passed her up either.

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