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Close Calls.

Walking up to the cash register to leave the record store is usually a painful process where I have to try to forget all the great music I had to put back.  I haven’t been able to get three albums off of my mind since yesterday.

I got to hear a track from this by Akira S & As Garotas Que Erraram [which my friend told me translates to Akira S and The GIrls Who Made Mistakes — awesome] and I was really intrigued. It sounded like a Brazillian Joy Division. Kind of a dark wave band with cold-as-steel synths and droning vocals. Of course, I only heard one song but I was definitely impressed and want to hear more.

Yuda – Dackin Dackino

I had the hardest time putting this album back. The smaller print beneath the big title reads: “A Celebration of rare and unreleased Afro-Beat quarried from across the continent.” I got the chance to listen to the song on there called “Yuda” and it stopped me in my tracks. I’m sure to most it sounds like your average polyrhythmic occasion but my brain catches on cymbal-centric percussion. Definitely a gem/jam.

It’s A Vanity – Gabo Brown & Orchestre Poly-Rythmo [SAMPLE]

First stumbled upon this gem/jam on Analog Africa and my mouth started watering. After some asking around, some rotten liar told me alllllll about this album and then told me I wouldn’t be able to find it very easily. Why the lies?! I had resigned to this false truth and then while flipping through the Africa section this album appeared.  I bet most of my fellow shoppers must have thought I was schizophrenic because I started cursing the liar under my breath;  I had hung my heart on this album as a lost cause and then it showed up waaaay out of my budget. Expensive find but it’s the jam. So, I urge you: find it, buy it and be redeemed.


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