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Spotlight: Vampi Soul Records.


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I found out about Vampi Soul Records on accident after stumbling on an Orlando Julius album [remember?] on accident in Amoeba. While I was at the register paying for the album, the cashier started ranting and raving about the label it was on and encouraged me to look into them. I listened but didn’t really make any effort to look further into them. Months passed and Vampi Soul kept coming up and throughout that time people would recommend artists on the label or I’d run into interesting-looking albums from the label [refer back to “Best In the Basement“].

There’s not too much I know about them, but their catalogue is pretty outstanding. They are located in Spain and specialize in rare soul, samba, acid jazz, avant garde, disco, highlife, lounge and a slew of other pretentious genres that make music geeks incredibly excited.

Here are a few of their latest releases:

Fela-Ransome Kuti

Licensed from The Fela Kuti Estate and Premier Records, this deluxe Vampisoul package, available both on double CD set and triple vinyl LP, features extensive notes by African specialist Max Reinhardt and artwork by artist Victor Aparicio. The vinyl version consist on two 12″ LPs, and one special 10″ LP, exact reproduction of Kuti’s legendary 1966′ “Afro Beat On Stage, recorded Live At the Afro Spot (PLP001)”, with all the same songs, in its own jacket with original artwork, and liner notes!

Highlife Time – V/A

In our collection you’ll find all of these Highlife stars and more, from the most celebrated to the obscure one-hit wonders. Not content with just churning out material available from European and American catalogues, Vampisoul journeyed to Lagos, scoured the record crates, dusted off the forgotten mastertapes and started afresh. As the radio DJs used to say back then: “People, Highlife is King! Long live Highlife!”

Available on 2CD and 2LP formats, both with complete and informative essay by African music authority John Armstrong.

Kokolo 7″

KOKOLO create a unique blend of Fela Kuti-inspired afrobeat, Cuban, Brazilian rhyhms and straight up funk. Guaranteed to move eben the most reluctant of feet!


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