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Theophilus London Fanclub.

I dig this dude.

theophilus.jpg picture by modestkristian

Departure – Theophilus London featuring Jesse Boykins

He sent this directly to my inbox almost a week ago, but I just saw it today. If you remember, I wrote about his mixtape JAM! awhile ago [exhibit a] and gave it a rave review. He is gutsy, eccentric, creative and thoughtful, and this track kind of expands his repertoire. His delivery on this semi-ballad of a track reminds me of Andre 3000 and the choice of lyrics reminds me of Lupe Fiasco in a way.

Just listen.


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One response to “Theophilus London Fanclub.

  1. boothish ⋅

    Bout time you came back with the jams, shit! Next time send a memo or something. Put a “Gone Fishing” sign on the door…

    Will def check this kid out. If for no other reason than his name is theophilus.

    But the question is, can he go off the dome like Charles Hamilton?

    Nobody beats Charles Hamilton..

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