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I Wasn’t Old Enough To Love the 80s/Early 90s WEEK!

Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam made a succession of jams unlike our last example, Nu Shooz.  Sources on the internet site them as one of the first American freestyle groups of the 1980s. Freestyle or Latin Freestyle music serves as an umbrella for music that finds its orgins in combining elements of disco, electro and Latin music, and typically included syncopated beats, synthesizers and heavy bass.  It was mostly popular in the areas that the sound developed in – New York and Miami – during the 80s and early 90s before losing mainstream popularity and fading off into an underground interest.

I Wonder If I Take You Home – Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam

Aside from Lisa Lisa, Cult Jam included Alex “Spanador” Moseley on guitar and bass, and Mike Hughes on drums and keyboards.  Their first single on the European division on CBS Records was released in 1985 on a compilation called Breakdancing before making waves in the States. DJs got ahold of the import LP and started playing in United States clubs. By the summer of 1985 Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam were signed to Columbia Records, the U.S. division of CBS Records, and their single went gold. They had two more singles that made their appearance on the Pop and R&B charts.

Head To Toe – Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam


My favorite song by them came out in 1987 on their platinum album, Spanish Fly. “Head To Toe” went to #1 on the Billboard charts in the summer 1987 beating out Atlantic Starr’s single “Always.



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One response to “I Wasn’t Old Enough To Love the 80s/Early 90s WEEK!

  1. Keith

    You’ve got a really cool blog. I really enjoy it. Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam had quite a few tunes that I loved back in the day. Great blog post.

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