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Etta Brains: The Revolution WILL Be Televised.

Sorry to interrupt your regularly scheduled dose of gems/jams, but the RNC was infuriating, was it not?

The bottom line is this: distraction through a narrative rich with overwrought sentimentality and ‘down-with-the-good-ole’-boys’ rhetoric might confuse the deluded republicans, wishful independents, disappointed Clinton skirt-chasers who court anything with two pairs of lips and salaried news anchors but for anyone with long-term memory that can recall McCain’s voting history and a computer with functioning internet, the information is out there for those who seek to combat maniacal, non-inclusive power with the bizarre notion that it’s might be someone else’s turn to try.

Sarah Palin is a poorly-selected political pawn that will excite and enthuse a very select group of men and women who think words/ideas like ‘victory’ are appropriate terms for the reckless violence in Iraq that is currently crippling America’s standing not only in the global arena but in the “homeland.” The cries of sexism, double-standards and invasion of her privacy across the board on “liberal” media channels is ludicrous; these issues surface from the party itself playing up their own insecurities about their nominee.

I went into this convention with an open mind and I waited for John McCain to impress me, sway me or make me shake in my boots with less-than-stellar confidence for Barack Obama, but instead his insincere, bi-partisan bull turned me off so much that I had to change the channel. His blatant ploys to win the presidency at any costs including dismissing loyalty to a party he’s voted with 90% of the time for the last 26 years in senate terrify me to the core. What allegiance has he to me? A brutally militaristic, capitalist, pro-life, pro-war, anti-homosexual, anti-enviromental agenda being glossed over under the guise of condescending stand-up act followed by a half-hearted attempt to ‘reach across party lines’ serves me none.

These two nominees said two very imporant things that I think got lost in the roar of ‘drill, baby, drill’ chants:

1.] John McCain said that it doesn’t matter who came up with the ideas first. He doesn’t need the credit, the country needs to be in the right direction — yadda, yadda. It DOES matter who comes up with the ideas, wise “maverick.” These people are called innovators and¬† visionaries, and more than anything they are validated in American eyes by their authenticity. Obama centralized his campaign on the reality of evoking change in Washington before McCain dangled the false notion that he could be an agent of it. Tonight is the first night I have heard that from him.

It matters SIGNIFICANTLY that a so-called “maverick” has begun to champion the ideas of a opponent he deems inexperienced and incapable of commanding a nation. Palin was wrong when she said that McCain was using his career to promote change and he demonstrated that quite plainly tonight; suddenly change is what will differentiate his career from the party he belongs to? Opportunistic drivel must taste like apple pie to a bunch of people who have watched their supposed morals and values rot under the inescapable scruntiny their current president has deservedly called upon himself.

2.] Aside from the offensively over-played clip about how, unlike community organizers, mayors have “actual responsibilities”, Palin made another jaw-dropping comment that scared me. “This isn’t a community and we need more than an organizer.” Couldn’t have been a Freudian Slip because she was reading from her telepromter. For the Republicans, the United States is not a community and under their govern is has not and will never be a community. It will continue to be the blessed Union of separate parts that come together in feigned tolerance with the common goal of “not punishing people for their success” but punishing those who haven’t even been given the opportunity to acheive that success due to poor economic conditions that have been affecting a majority of Americans before the “recession.”

Realistically, for most people this is not a recession; this is life. The economy is not fundamentally sound, McCain and Bush have both echoed, and portraying the reality of a lot of urban communities as a problem that does need an organizer but a maverick is absurd.

Lastly: I loved the token colored folk peppered in throughout the audience and as stage-props during the musical interlude. Hockey moms like smooth jazz? I hope they left before the convention was over or else they might have been mistaken for protestors.

Obama for life.


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4 responses to “Etta Brains: The Revolution WILL Be Televised.

  1. dcbarton ⋅

    “militaristic, capitalist, pro-life, pro-war, anti-homosexual, anti-enviromental” are all catch words used by the Communist Party Usa, the Democratic Socialists of America, and all of the other Socialist/Communist groups that now control the Democratic Party. The right doesn’t “punish” those who are not successful, but it doesn’t give hand outs to those who aren’t willing to make the effort to improve their own lives. Government cannot create success(that is an individual responsibility), but government can prevent succes with socialistic policies that make it impossible for anyone to even attempt to improve their own lives.
    This may come as a bit of a shock, but it is somewhat racist to think that white hockey moms can’t like jazz or that there are not some black people who are capable of independent thought that leads them to conservative values and hence to membership in the Republican Party

  2. Etta Strange ⋅

    Sir, there are no “Communist Party” catch words.

    “Militaristic”: John McCain and his new running mate have been pounding into everyone’s heads that this guy is a war hero. John McCain would rather “lose an election, than lose a war.” Judging his biography*, his record of voting# and the rhetoric of his speeches% , it seems ALL THREE of the definitions of militarism apply:

    1. [*] a strong military spirit or policy.
    2. [#] the principle or policy of maintaining a large military establishment.
    3. [%] the tendency to regard military efficiency as the supreme ideal of the state and to subordinate all other interests to those of the military.

    This is not a catch word.

    “Capitalist”: This country functions on a capitalist economic system , does it not? John McCain intends to cut coporate tax rates and keep the tax rate the same for the highest earning families. This benefits private owners and corporations. This is capitalism by definition.

    This is not a catch word.

    “Pro-life”: Sarah Palin is pro-life.

    This is not a catch word.

    “Pro-war”: John McCain is in favor of the war. Pretty basic fact.

    This is not a catch word.

    “Anti-homosexual”: not a catch word, but definitely a blatantly abrupt assumption on my part. I cannot say that John McCain and Sarah Palin are anti-homosexual. They are just against granting supposedly “inalienable rights” to homosexuals and there is a difference…right? The name Jim Crow comes to mind.

    Not a catch word, but a communist-influenced term on my part.

    “Anti-environmental”: this term is also an assumption on my part and due in large part to the “drill, baby, drill” chants after both McCain and Palin fervently insisted that drilling in a national wildlife reserve and offshore is our first step towards renewable energy. Perhaps it would be better to say that they are “pro-prosperity” regardless of the environmental costs. I actually took the time to research the benefits of offshore drilling and the only answers refer to fiscal matters or take the time to note that marine life flourishes on artificial reefs. Oh.

    Not a catch word, but the other side of the coin.

    It’s interesting that during the RNC lots of speakers kept insisting that Obama’s economic plan “punishes the successful.” Because he will attempt to create tax cuts for middle-income families and end tax breaks for corporations that send their jobs overseas to increase their income by cutting employee pay?

    I’ll take the long way around this one. Check this out: the government can and has created success, and has also QUITE LITERALLY given handouts to those who aren’t willing to make the effort to improve their own lives. Let’s admit that the wealth of this country was originally generated by slaves which was legal under the United States government. This truth is totally non-partisan and entirely factual — from investment banking firms to railroad stations to newspaper publishers.

    Generations later, that wealth has increased tremendously for those who lucked into those families but I’m not ridiculous enough to say that it has transferred to ALL white people or republicans or conservatives. Should the government no longer lend its grace towards the financial progression of the most amount of American people? How will a ten percent tax break for corporations help the most people? How will keeping the current top tax rate percentage the same help the most people? The trickle down theory has proven again and again and again to be futile in practice.

    Perhaps I misspoke: it is not punishment to the less financially abundant, it’s simply dismissive and negligant.

    Please explain what “socialistic policies…make it impossible for anyone to even attempt to improve their own lives.”

    And this may come as a bit of a shock to you, but I didn’t say a word to implicate that the race of those women was determinate of their aversion from or predilection to jazz. If we’re going to split hairs — is it racist of you to assume that there were no black hockey mothers present?

    Lastly: independent thought leads you to personal, common sense values that prevent your allegiance to idealogical pitfalls like membership of ANY political party. Instead it leads you to the facts.

    John McCain will not be my president ever. Win or lose.

  3. dcbarton ⋅

    Etta, there are definately “communist catch-words”. The Communist Party USA and several other Socialist websites all use the same language as a method to push their agenda.
    Does McCain believe in a strong miliary? without doubt. A strong military is what has always kept our enemies at bay. And we definately have enemies in the world, Russia, Iran, Al Qaeda, just to name a few.
    We do have a capitalist economic system, and McCain does intend to cut taxes for Corporations and keep the tax rate the same for income tax, it will benefit corporations and private owners. However, it will also help help anyone who purchases the products and services those corporations produce. By cutting their taxes, we reduce their cost of doing business; by cutting their cost of doing business we put the corporations in a position to reduce their prices. The corporations will reduce their prices because it is good for the customer, without the customer being happy, the corporation will go out of business; that is the basis of capitalism.
    Pro-life is a moral position, as opposed to murdering innocent babies in the womb simply because one is too lazy or negligent to take the time to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. I know about the claim of rape and incest victims, the fact is that 90% of all abortions are not about rape or incest, but rather about birth control.
    Pro-war, nobody who has a conscience is “pro-war.” But we need leaders who understand that sometimes war is necessary, and who know when that necessity is upon us. Obama’s belief that we can sit and talk with our enemies is dangerously simplistic, it doesn’t account for the fact that our enemies want us dead and are only willing to “negotiate” long enough to get us to let down our defenses.

    Anti-homosexual is misleading as well. McCain, and the vast majority of Republicans are not “anti-homosexual.” However, we do not believe in giving them rights that are not given to other people. We believe sex to be a natural part of procreation, homosexuals are not capable of procreating in homosexual sex. Marriage was created to preserve the family structure for the purpose of raising children in a stable enviroment. While homosexuals now adobt children, it is for everyone’s benefit to keep marriage defined as being between one man and one woman. If homosexuals wish to co-habitate, fine, what they do behind closed doors in their business and noone else’s. As far as the argument about willing their possessions to their partner, they can do that now, and they can visit their “partner” in the hospital, that is not prevented.
    “Anti-enviromental” is another word the communists use on a regular basis. The fact that McCain wants to drill for oil is not “anti-enviromental” as the latest Rasmussin poll shows about 52% of all Americans want to drill for our own oil, off shore and in ANWR. It is true that sea life does very well around artificial reefs, we have know this for years, it is the reason we build so many artificial reefs. With current technologies, we leak less oil from oil rigs than what seeps naturally into the ocean off the coast of California. More oil has seeped naturally into the ocean off California in the past 10 years than was spilled by the Exon Valdez. I am sure that you noticed the price of oil as soon as we merely started talking about drilling our own oil. It went from $145 a barrel to $112 a barrel. A simple rule of supply and demand is that as soon as the possibilty of increased production is brought forth, the fear in increased competition drives the prices down.
    It is true that there are families that have had the benefit of wealth for generations, however, it is also true that there are more millionaires each year, all self-made, in fact, more millionaires are self-made each year than all of the multi-generational wealthy families. A tax increase on the wealthy, similar to what Obama proposes, would remove the possibility to build that wealth, therefore it would remove the motivation to create that wealth. These newly wealthy people didn’t just snap their fingers and find a million dollars in their bank account. They worked for it, they worked long, hard hours. Most self-made men and women work between 14 and 16 hours a day, 6 or 7 days a week to succeed. Those not willing to make that kind of commitment have no right to “punish” those who do make the commitment.
    Socialism seeks to make everything “equal.” In other words, noone can excel above his or her neighbors. It uses taxation to equalize everything, making it impossible to get ahead. That is the reason so many people struggled to escape from the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, Cuba and China. There was no reward for hard work.
    “I loved the token colored folk peppered throughout the audience and as stage-props,” sounds pretty racist to me. Similar to the same kind of racist attitudes faced by Larry Elder, Colin Powell, Condi Rice, Rev. Jesse Peters, and Alan Keyes, who were all called “uncle toms” or worse when they dared to think for themselves rather than blindly following the ideology of Rev. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the NAACP. There is no room in the “black” race for black people who don’t follow the party line.
    “Obama for life” sounds as if you also have an allegiance to ideological beliefs, but I guess it is ok since your beliefs lead to the Democratic Party rather than to independence or the Republican Party.

  4. Etta Strange ⋅

    Your catch word argument is weak as these terms are literally applicable by definition not by manipulation. When these words cease to accurately describe the stances expressed implicitly or explicitly whether through voting records or speeches, I will cease to use to as accurately, descriptive words. The only two terms I will retract for a second time are anti-homosexual and anti-enviromental but only because these cannot be proven by definition.

    I’ll split hairs with you — John McCain is pro Iraq war.

    If you truly believe what you are saying above, riddle me this:

    Regarding homosexuality you stated that “…we do not believe in giving them rights that are not given to other people.”

    Every human being of age and mental capability is given the right to marry the person of their choice so long as it is the pre-approved gender. How would allowing homosexuals to marry giving them rights not given to other people? Or is that a typo/am I misunderstanding you?

    I sincerely hope you realize that a stable environment is not the product of legal heterosexual union, but of the union of two sane, mature adults regardless of their gender. According to your calculations, a teenage female denied the option of abortion has her child and weds her teenage boyfriend, they would — by your explanation — automatically offer a more stable environment than a pair of intelligent, capable, working homosexual adults.

    Your cries of socialist/communist ideas only really take hold when it comes to your stance on taxing, although the absurdity of believing that we could actually turn into a socialist/communist nation leaves me speechless. My communist catch words apply to issues that do not require the “equality” you feel threatens this country financial greatness. Pro-life is a moral issue? Homosexuals can do whatever they want behind doors except marry each other?

    As far as drilling goes, I’ll take your logic: we are in Iraq to protect and preserve our security against any and all possibly unfavorable events. Why wait for a mistake to happen? Why let our guard down? Why drill? We haven’t been attacked in years but we stay prepared for the worst. The last big oil spill was in 1991, why not take preventative measures to avoid another? If indeed this is merely the first step in energy independence towards renewable energy, there are safer and financially smarter options. There are 700 barrels in reserve — why not begin with those. That sounds like a pretty independent energy plan since we don’t need anyone else.

    We are going to have to agree to disagree about how to stimulate the economy: you’re from the top down and I’m from the bottom up.

    Lastly: Who said the Democrats were the black “party line”? Or that Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the NAACP represent the voice of black america besides them? Are there white representatives? Rush Limbaugh? Romney? Is it racist for you to deduce millions of people to one ideological stance? The point I was trying to make was of the obvious and apparent lack of racial diversity in comparison to the DNC. Will you dare to disagree? I’ve not insulted the black people that think conservatively or even condemned them to one particular party or pattern of belief. I commented on the indisputable lack of widespread racial diversity at the RNC.

    If we use your logic, the republican party is the white “party line” and Elder, Powell, Rice, Peters and Keyes ARE “uncle toms.” You are separating black people into two very rigid and unfair classifications. I didn’t venture to question the intelligence, decision-making capabilities or the authenticity of their “blackness” of those few found at the RNC because I’m not simple enough to think you have to be stupid to believe one thing or another. Be careful, kid.

    The traditions of this country were started and upheld by a government that didn’t give certain groups of human beings any rights at all based on religious stances which most sane adults will now agree was hateful and unforgiveable.

    I am an independent and my experiences have led me towards an agenda that I hope will benefit myself as well as others in ways that the republican has demonstrated it will not. My problem is not with republicans and my allegiance is not with democrats. My issues lie with the fundamental structure the government at this point in time. Conservatism bases its strength in tradition; religiously and culturally. I simply do not believe that the religious and cultural tradition of this country outside of the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness schpeal to be beneficial to the progression of us as an entire people regardless of race, class or sexual preference.

    If I have the right to choose my own religion, why insist on Christian values to govern a nation with millions of beliefs? Pro-life is a religious stance, not a moral one. If it was a moral stance, then killing in any way for any reason would be a moral issue; The death penalty and the war in Iraq would be illegal. Homosexuality is a religious stance, not a moral one.

    If John McCain wins, I am simply leaving the country to allow tradition to carry on. There will be lots of unwanted but safe babies all over the place with unprepared parents.


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