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Atlas Shrugged.

I finally found some new songs that have gotten my sincere interest and have actually made me excited. And – even better – I’ve found an album I think I want to listen to. It’s been so long!

I stumbled upon these two Atlas Sound tracks at separate times and liked them both immediately. They’re both from the forthcoming album Logos due to release October 20th on Kranky from the part-time Deerhunter vocalist currently gone solo. This will be his second full-length album from Bradford Cox on the label, but I have to admit that I paid almost no attention at all to Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel. 


Sheila – Atlas Sound [Logos]

Walkabout – Atlas Sound [Logos]

I’m not a fan of the album “art” but to each his down, right?

The first of these two tracks I heard was “Shelia” and I immediately liked it. It’s an acoustic affair with a pinch of pop and twee and everything nice.  The lyrics are few and simple, but are carried sweetly along by a whimsical, sing-songy melody. It is instantly catchy and perfectly likeable.

“Walkabout” etches and scratches its way to a start before bursting into a little pop ditty complete with tambourines, gauzy vocals and “ahh-ing” female vocals wafting through the fog of the track. 

Keep an eye for a full album review soon. I am looking forward to hearing and exploring the entire work.


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