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We All Skream For Dubstep.

Last weekend was San Francisco’s Lovefest 2009 – a huge electronic music festival – and I spent most of my time at the drum and bass stage getting sucked into the layers of sound. So, you can imagine how pleased I was to stumble upon Oliver Jones better known as Skream, one of Britain’s first and most influential dubstep producers.


Midnight Request Line – Skream

Meta-Lick – Skream

If the stories are right, this guy has a lot to brag about: a record at 15, supposedly 8000 songs [some unfinished, some complete] under his belt and what some call dubstep’s most recognizable crossover track, “Midnight Request Line.”

A few words that immediately come to mind when observing the track:  spacey and controlled, crisp and precise.  At the top bits and bytes float through  before being reigned in by the snap of either a beefed up snare or a , open-aired clap that keeps morphing throughout the song. I had never heard this before, so I can’t confirm how instantly recognizable it is, but I like it. I’d be interested in some Dubheads leaving some comments about it.

The next track made me think of Boys Noize because of its ice cold, insistent synth sound. “Meta-Lick” is a crunchy, minimalist track that bares its bones before filling out all spaces with either an echo, a reverb or some looming spacecraft warble.


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One response to “We All Skream For Dubstep.

  1. Sancho

    Dubhead here. Midnight Request Line was the first dubstep track I heard, played over the intro to Skream’s Essential Mix on the BBC. So you could say it’s recognizable.

    Try Skream’s Metal Mouth (available at his myspace). It’s really close to Meta-Lick with really dirty, crunchy bass.

    Saw Skream play a small, 400-person underground club. Such a good atmosphere. Vancouver’s loving the dubstep.

    By the way, he’s up for Best British Producer from DJ Mag (

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