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Better Than the Rest?

 I stumbled upon this group on accident and proceeded with caution. I love Afro-beat, Afro-rock, etc but I’ve mentioned before my feelings towards the minimal range and uniformity of sound in some of the compilations and newer albums I’ve heard. However, these three men have combined modern electronic sounds and some thumping beats to create a  fresh world music interpretation that even the most narrow listener can give a chance.


Julia – The Very Best

The Very Best is Malawi-born vocalist Esau Mwamwaya paired with the French and Swedish duo Radioclit. This is my favorite track from their album, The Warm Heart of Africa. Fairly minimal but still awesome, it opens with a sick synth loop that snakes it ways throughout the chorus, adds in a compressed snare and then layers in the vocals. It’s a great song to start with to ease yourself into the rest of the album.

Also, check out the Javelin Re-Do of “Julia” on the Etta Strange Imeem playlist.


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