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Have You Heard of Jaqee?

If you haven’t, I guarantee you will be hearing and seeing a lot more of her pretty soon.  Jaqee is a Ugandan-born singer and songwriter who later immigrated to the city of Gothenburg in Sweden. Her debut album Blaqalixious was released under nearly everyone’s in the States radars in 2005, but gained attention from her Swedish contemporaries. She released three more albums over the next few years. With her first two albums she recieved Swedish Grammy nominations and several Swede television appearances which helped make her a bit of a European star.


Kokoo Girl” – Jaqee

 She paired up with Germany’s “Best Reggae Producer” [says Riddim Magazine] TEKA to create her fourth release Kokoo Girl. Recorded in Germany, it dropped on Rootdown Records in June of this year and has started to make waves with new listeners. The first single is also named “Kokoo Girl” and  is an upbeat, dancehall pop track complete with horns, moseying riddims, harmonizing background vocals and swooning front vocals. Her voice is slick and comes out with ease.  Plus,  she seems laidback, genuine and quirky which I think is really cool.

Check out this video of her talking about her album and make sure you keep your eyes up and ears open for more tracks.




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