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Short Shots!

  • Charlotte Gainsbourg has released another single from the album IRM which was produced and mixed by Beck – he also wrote all of the music and co-wrote the lyrics.  “Heaven Can Wait” is Gainsbourg/Beck duet with clunky piano, simple percussion and nude vocals. It sounds like a song for a train scene in a movie. Click here to listen to “IRM” the first single – it’s a moody, angular song that was inspired by Charlotte’s medical experience with MRI scans after she found out she had a brain hemorrhage. The lyrics are interesting.

“Heaven Can Wait” – Charlotte Gainsbourg & Beck


  • The end-of-the-year lists are on their way. On Friday Pitchfork Media dropped their list of 2009’s best Grime/Dubstep/Wonky albums as well as a nice article. The list  include names like Skream [refer to past E.Strange post “We All Skream for Dubstep” for a quick reference], Zomby, Desto, Joy Orbison and Darkstar. Read the entire list and article here.
  • Awesome! The Pixies are giving away a free download of their October 16th gig over The Live EP features four tracks from their infamous album Doolittle including “Dancing the Manta Ray”,  “Monkey Gone to Heaven”, “Crackity Jones” and “Gouge Away.” If you missed their performance on the Conan O’Brien show, you can check it out below. Kim Deal sounds really cute.

“Here Comes Your Man” [live] – The Pixies


  • Lastly: check out Grizzly Bear’s weird clay video. Dig it!

“Ready, Able” – Grizzly Bear



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