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Get It While It’s Hot.

Check your pocketbooks – some cool albums are being released in the next couple weeks that you might want to try listening to.


Suzanne”  – Asobi Seksu from Rewolf

Asobi Seksu means “playful sex” in colloquial Japanese and it’s also the name of a boy-girl duet on indie label Polyvinyl Record Co. Polyvinyl’s been around for awhile and can boast about once being home to artists like Braid, Rainer Maria, Owen, Cap’n Jazz and currently hosting bands Aloha, Architecture in Helsinki, Joan of Arc, of Montreal and 31 Knots.

The duo is made up of James Hanna on guitar and vocals and Yuki Chikudate on keyboards and vocals. They make songs with soft textures and delicate vocals. “Suzanne” is a track from their forthcoming album Rewolf coming out on November 10th. It is a dreamy lullabye of a track with wavering flutes, tinkering chimes and almost whispery vocals.

Listen to clips from the album at Juno Records

Killer Funk Disco Allstars are a mystery to me. There are no bios, no discographies, no pictures of the band, no videos. All that’s here is this funky, rocking 12″ being released on November 16th with four tracks. “Going Back to My Boots [Because I Can’t Find My Shoes]” is a Diana Ross meets Kool and the Gang jam with ahh-ing background vocals. “Indecision [I Used To Be Decisive, But Now I’m Not So Sure]” sounds like an early Aretha Franklin groove. The other two tracks are equally as jamming. The collection is definitely worth checking out.

Buddy Miles was not only just a great drummer, he was Jimi Hendrix’s drummer – that makes him at least two times as awesome in my book.  He also played with other classic acts like the Delfonics, Wilson Pickett, Ruby & the Romantics and the Ink Spots. He released some of his own records starting with 1968’s Expressway to Your Skull, A Message to the People and All the Faces of Buddy Miles which is being re-released on November 10th by Wounded Bird Records. 

Also dropping on November 10th, 2009:

Wale, The Cribs, Mastedon, Echo & the Bunnymen and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.


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